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Making Waves

Everyone has some point in the day when energy or motivation is lowest.

I'm a "morning person", but am also glad to enjoy a night-out. So, the gap must be in the middle !

I'm a great believer in those motivational gems that emphasize the wisdom in:

" ... doing what you love, and loving what you do ... "
as Wayne Dyer puts it !

Quite so.

One of things I love about what I do is the fact that I set the timetable. It is not unusual to notice energy levels dropping slightly at about mid-afternoon, 2.45pm to 3.30pm or perhaps a bit later.

The solution ?

I recommend exercise:

Fun, cheerful, stimulating, physical activity to re-charge the mental batteries. Perfect !

As for what form this could take, it obviously depends on the location, weather, company, and opportunity. A brisk walk or run outside in the fresh air is a great summer solution but at the moment I favour a bracing swim. Just great to pick-up some pace, make some waves, and cleanse the aura by cutting through clean water while observing the afternoon sun.


I returned to the computer refreshed, and armed with a few more bright ideas ...


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