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Women's artistic peace campaigning : Body Art !

If you can spare a few minutes to lighten your day switch your computer's sound on and enjoy this 4.08 min "campaign for peace" video-clip.

Obviously the emphasis on ladies removing their clothes is designed to attract attention, and probably does!

I can't help suspecting they hope you'll watch this through to end to find out what, if anything, is actually revealed. With that hope in mind, I won't ruin it for anyone by answering that question in text so close to the video-frame (but of course we wouldn't include anything that wasn't suitable for nice family browsing)!

In general the subject of campaigning for peace in all its forms is positive and important. I particularly like this example because it is cheerfully amusing without trivialising the important subject of peace on many levels, from local issues to international conflicts. The lyrics have been nicely worked-out and will obviously date the song due to mention of specific places and people - sometimes humourously !

This is a great example of a campaigning internet video-clip as it uses an effective soundtrack set to powerful images to communicate a strong message. As the cases mentioned in the lyrics and the images in the still photos feature scenes of "demonstrations" from all over the world, it is also powerfully culturally inclusive.

Well done www.righteousmothers.com !


Footnote. This sequence does not include close-up images of either male or female nudity.


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