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Holistic Year

In January London was cold,
Yummy hot chocolate and chestnuts were sold.
We made resolutions to last the whole year,
Considered the future, consulted a seer.

February Valentine came to mind,
Scented candles and bath oils unwind.
Mind Body Spirit inspired meditation,
Imagine the train while you stand at the station.

March was fresh, spring blew us away,
Bright yellow blooms on St. David’s Day.
Buds and birdsong sprang out everywhere,
Not just in the country, here or there ...

In April the tulips were ready to bloom,
Delightful in Holland but don’t go too soon.
April Fools need tricks up their sleeve,
Beltane parties begin on May Eve ...

May Day” starts in the early morn,
Roodmas or Beltane - between names we’re torn.
Dance ‘round a May-Pole with glee and gusto,
It’s time for the spring lambs to skip, just so !

June is the nicest with long sunny days,
One can shape-up in so many ways.
Tai Chi or Pilates, it’s up to you,
Have great fun whatever do !

By July the summer has come at last,
The time for revising is very long past.
Lose those toxins with work on your feet,
… we’ll be on the pier, keeping your seat.

August is hot - especially the sand,
Days out are ‘greener’ in this our own land.
Ice-cream is sticky and candy floss sweet,
Go to the spa for an aroma-treat.

When September came it was back to school,
The staff may be strict but the kids truly rule !
Throw out the timetable - be less rigid,
Take up yoga - avoid getting frigid.

October got spooky as dark nights returned,
When less light was SAD - to Reiki we turned.
No-longer summer, but don’t make a scene,
In just a few weeks it’ll be Halloween !

November started with flashes and bangs,
No comets or asteroids, just sparklers and “thangs”.
Time for a massage beside the fire,
That’s one thing of which I won’t tire !

December is cosy and full of events,
Parties aplenty, and so many scents!
Yuletide and Christmas all to excess,
Intentions are good, our loved ones to bless.

This poem may be slightly naff but as it's slap-stick and silly it appealed to our light-hearted sense of humour. Standard English will return with the next entry here on Holistic Blog. Ed.


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