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04 - Seperation - Othala - Othila

The Rune Othila is about Seperation and the theme of Property, or Inherited Possessions.

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The meanings of the runes.

Note that each rune may be referred to differently in different texts. One reason is that some books prefer to use the traditional meanings as the names/titles of the runes (as we do here). Other books refer to runes using the Old English name, their Old (High) German names, or their modern English letter equivalent. There are also other sets of symbols that are associated with runes. These are more difficult to represent electronically because they do not all correspond to standard alpha-numeric characters. More about the runes as listed here.

Other terms used to refer to this rune are mentioned below:
The fourth rune in the series listed on the left is Seperation (Othila or Othala).
The name of this rune in English is "epel". It is associated with the modern English character "o". The Germanic name of this rune is "opila".


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