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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are extremely dilute concentrations of preserved water that has been infused with energies from the petals of flowers selected by Dr. Bach for their healing properties.

Specific remedies are selected for a person (animal, or plant) according to that patient's emotions - rather than according to his/her physical symptoms.
Use of the Bach Flower Remedies is a very gentle form of energy-medicine based healing.

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Individual Remedies


Superficially carefree while suffering from concealed worries; covers mental anguish with a 'brave face'


"Attacks" of sudden anxiety and vague fears having no known cause - highly disconcerting and difficult to discuss or explain to others.


Intolerant characteristics; tendency to criticise; instinct to see the faults rather than the positive qualities in others.


'Do anything for anyone' types; people who do not stand-up for themselves but whose servile tendencies render them trapped in their roles rather than being willing helpers of others.


Self-doubt; tendency to follow others' advice despite genuinely knowing better oneself.

  Cherry Plum  

Overwhelming sense of despair; fear of losing one's mind and/or harming oneself or othes; sense of loss of control.

  Chestnut Bud  

Tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again; constant repetition of same type of difficulties in life; inability to 'break the cycle.


Sense of self-pity, possessiveness and desire to control those close to him/her; emotionally 'needy' and self-focused.


Absent-minded daydreamers; inattentive; lack of focus in the present; withdrawal into own world.

  Crab Apple  

Inability to appreciate oneself; senses of disgust, dissatisfaction, mental/physical uncleanliness directed at oneself; loss of sense of proportion (anxiety about trival aspects of potentially serious situations).


Temporarily overwhelmed by responsibility and/or sense of inadequacy (despite being genuinely competent).


Disappointment, negative outlook; doubt; despondency.


Sense of complete hopelessness and despair; certain that 'nothing will work' (though may 'try' at the request of others).


Extreme self-focus, enjoy an audience for their woes but have little interest in others' issues - hence may be shunned by people exhausted by hearing their problems.


Negative perceptions of, and emotional responses to, others, incl. envy, jealousy, hatred, suspicion.


Dwelling on the past, lack of focus in the present due to persistent nostalgia; homesickness; excessive mental reflections on the past.


Mental tiredness at the thought of tasks ahead; feel more tired when having to get up than when going to bed after a long day.


Irritation; impatience; frustration and nervous irritation when progress is not fast enough; quick-thinking impatiens types are generally content to work alone unhindered by the percieved slowness of others (don't feel the need to control others).


Insufficient confidence, sometimes resulting in despondency and despair.


Anxieties and fears of known cause; shy and retiring personalities.


Hopeless, despairing melancholic gloom descending for no apparent reason; tendency towards times of depression characterised by lack of interest in daily life.


Reliable, dependable personalities who never give up persisting in their endeavours and often helping others as well - but can eventually feel despondent/despairing under the weight of so much effort/responsibility.


Fatigue as a result of much effort and energy expended; body and mind drained of energy and strength; complete exhaustion.


Self-condemnation, never satisfied with own achievements; feelings of guilt.

  Red Chestnut  

Excessive fear for the welfare of others; anxiety about others' wellbeing; tendency to overprotection of others

  Rock Rose  

Extreme terror, either experienced at present or for help to cope with a recent (not yet recovered from) accident, near-miss, nightmare; experience of the sense of terror - whatever the cause

  Rock Water  

Inflexibility towards self (often in adherance to high ideals) leading to self-repression, self-martyrdom and denial


Indecision, quiet people whose attention and outlook changes frequently leading to difficulty concentrating and reaching simple decisions, hesitancy and lack of balance in life

  Star of Bethlehem  

After-effects of shock - which may have taken place recently or years previously

  Sweet Chestnut  

Extreme mental anguish that may feel like mental torture; response to this mental pain may be a strong one of not giving up but keeping the despair to oneself


Over-exertion, sometimes due to committment to a cause, somtimes due to will-power outstripping physical ability to perform the tasks set for oneself - leading to stress and tension


Inflexible, dominating and ambitious characteristics; generally intelligent quick-thinkers who enjoy power over others; have no interest in 'converting' others to their way of thinking but demand unquestionning obedience from those around them


Moving on to a new phase of one's life; desire to break links that tie one to past circumstances

  Water Violet  

Percieved as proud and aloof due to self-reliance and comfort in own company, sense of superiority over others sometimes leading to distainful and condescending behaviour

  White Chestnut  

Persistent mental arguments (with oneself), unwanted thoughts, difficulty in keeping one's mind clearly focussed in the present moment

  Wild Oat  

Lack of direction and focus in life leading to senses of frustration, despondency, uncertainty as to the best path to follow

  Wild Rose  

Apathy, uncomplaining but also uninterested in making efforts to improve or recover, resignation to circumstances


Gloom and despair associated with bitterness and resentment towards others

Composite Remedy

  Rescue Remedy

Consists of: Cherry Plum (for desperation), Clematis (for far-away, out-of-body tendencies), Impatiens (for mental stress and tension), Rock Rose (for terror/panic), Star of Bethlehem (for shock).

  Rescue Cream

Consists of: Cherry Plum (for desperation), Clematis (for far-away, out-of-body tendencies), Impatiens (for mental stress and tension), Rock Rose (for terror/panic), Star of Bethlehem (for shock) and Crab Apple (discomfort with own appearance).
This is ideal for anxiety-related skin conditions and other rashes, dry areas, etc.


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