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There are so many different forms of candles available to buy online that we're just including a short summary of each type, together with links to the online shops from which they are available.




Floating Candles


As the name suggests, floating candles are primarily intended for use on water - usually in shallow bowls that may also be decorated by glass beads or pebbles in the base of a bowl partially filled with water on the surface of which are floating candles.
They can therefore be decorative and mood enhancing whether or not they are actually lit !
Floating candles are generally available in various colours, such as pink, blue, orange, and green.

Floating Candles

Scented Candles


There are very many different types of scented candles, some of which are also known as "aromatherapy" candles because essential oils used in aromatherapy have been used to give the candes their distinctive scent/aroma. The range of scents of candles available is phenomenal ! The example illustrated opposite is of elegant pack of (coloured and scented) skinny candles, supplied with stands & in gift/presentation boxes.

Skinny Candles



Teal-Lights are small circular candles, usually supplied in thin aluminium cases but sometimes in slightly thicker plastic cases (check the product photographs if buying online). Tea-Lights tend to be a standard size which is ideal for many glass stands, essential oil evapourating burners, and many other decorative holders.The most common type of tea-lights are plan (unscented) white tea-lights. However, there are also many other forms (colours and scents) available. These include, for example, rose scented tea-lights, lavender scented tea-lights, freesia scented tea-lights, lily scented tea-lights, blue-bell scented tea-lights, and vanilla scented tealights.

Freesia Scented Tea-Lights



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