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Vitamin E (chemically known as: Tocopherols and Tocotrienols) is one of the basic vitamins required for healthy functioning of the body. It is especially well-known for it's benefits for skin conditioning, is present in many common foodstuffs, and is also available in tablet form as a supplement.



Functions of Vitamin E:

Antioxidant properties;
Muscle Development;
Production of red blood cells.
Reproductive functions.

Sources of Vitamin E:

Dietary sources include:


Corn and peanut oils;
Soya beans;
Vegetable oils;
Wheat germ;
Wholemeal Cereals.

Signs of Deficiences of Vitamin E:

Signs of Excessive intake of Vitamin E:

Some vitamin E can be safely stored in the body but excessive doses may result in stomach problems and diarrhoea.


This page includes summary information about Vitamin E only, click here for more information about vitamins generally.





Vitamin E

The functions of vitamin E include: Antioxidant properties, muscle development, production of red blood cells, and reproductive functions.



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